FAMATO (Growers Federation of Mato Grosso state), Monsanto and Rural Unions reached an Agreement

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Wednesday July 24, 2013


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FAMATO, Monsanto and Rural Unions inform that they have reached an agreement that contemplates:

  • A simplification of the remuneration system for the use of the technology (seamless price model);
  • A Bonus to every grower that  signs the Intacta Licensing Agreement with the Roundup Ready technology (RR1) release;
  • The development of improvements in the business model for soybeans biotechnology;
  • The endorsement of the Declaration of Principles which recognizes the intellectual property rights on agricultural technologies;
  • The end of the law suit regarding RR1.

These actions are part of a conscious effort to work together, both Monsanto and the agricultural leadership, aiming to bring innovation and a more positive direction for Brazilian agriculture.

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