The Facts about Monsanto, Zika Virus and Microcephaly

Publish Date:

Monday February 15, 2016

You may have seen misinformation and rumors on social media regarding Monsanto, the Zika virus and microcephaly. Unfortunately, this misinformation causes unwarranted fear and distracts from the health crisis at hand and how you can take steps to protect you and your family.  Here are some facts:

  • Neither Monsanto nor our products have any connection to the Zika virus or microcephaly.
  • Monsanto does not manufacture or sell Pyriproxyfen. The product is a larvicide, and Monsanto does not manufacture or sell larvicides.
  • Monsanto does not own Sumitomo Chemical Company.
  • Since 1997, Sumitomo Chemical Company has been a trusted business partner of Monsanto in the area of crop protection.  Sumitomo Chemical Company is a participant in the Roundup Ready Plus(TM) program, and it also supplies Monsanto with herbicide products.
  • Glyphosate is not connected in any way to the Zika virus or microcephaly.
  • GMOs have no role in the Zika virus or microcephaly.

The Zika virus is a tragic and critical health issue. Dealing effectively with such an important health threat requires a focus on the facts. As a science-based company working to help meet some of the world’s biggest challenges, we support all efforts to combat this health crisis. We hope all efforts will be taken based on the facts, not rumors.

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