Monsanto Fund, INMED Announce 3-Year Program for Food & Nutrition Security in Brazil


Wednesday March 15, 2017


"This month marks the four-year anniversary of Monsanto opening its site in Petrolina, and the Crescer Saudável program carries special significance as more than half of Monsanto’s employees in Petrolina are local to this community"

ST. LOUIS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--In partnership with INMED Partnerships for Children/INMED Brasil (INMED), the Monsanto Fund has committed $3 million over three years to improve nutrition and access to healthful food for mothers and young children in Brazil, following an announcement made earlier today at a preschool in the country’s Petrolina region.

INMED began developing the Crescer Saudável [Growing Healthy] program in June 2016. Through Monsanto Fund’s support, the program will establish vegetable gardens at 125 preschools, as well as provide nutrition education for children and resources for mothers, teachers, food preparers and local health professionals to help encourage long-term, healthy eating habits—both in schools and at home. The program is expected to benefit more than 58,000 people in Petrolina, including 33,000 children ages six months to five years old.

“This month marks the four-year anniversary of Monsanto opening its site in Petrolina, and the Crescer Saudável program carries special significance as more than half of Monsanto’s employees in Petrolina are local to this community,” said Rodrigo Santos, Monsanto South America President. “Since 1993, INMED has improved the lives of more than 2.5 million children across Brazil through its expertise in food and nutrition security, health and education, so the opportunity to collaborate with such an impactful partner adds to our excitement about this program.”

“Monsanto Fund's focus on food and nutrition security – both by supporting nutrition education and providing increased access to healthy, nutritious food – demonstrates its commitment to improving the quality of life in Petrolina and the many other municipalities where we’ve partnered over the last 16 years,” said Joyce Capelli, president of INMED Brasil.

“This program engages families and communities in proven and pioneering approaches to health and nutrition, furthering our global mission to deliver impact that truly transforms the lives of children,” added Linda Pfeiffer, President and CEO of INMED Partnerships for Children.

To address global malnutrition and food insecurity impacting young children globally, Monsanto Fund has implemented a series of initiatives that will leverage the expertise and regional partnerships of key organizations around the world. Monsanto Fund aims to help fight malnutrition by improving access to and encouraging healthy behaviors toward food, with a focus on the needs of women and children.

“This program is an important step in our long-term commitment to make a balanced meal more accessible for everyone – not just focusing on the treatment of a problem, but an investment toward preventing malnutrition and health problems in the future,” said Al Mitchell, President, Monsanto Fund. “With Monsanto Fund’s resources, the expertise of INMED Brazil and incredible support from the Petrolina community, we hope that Crescer Saudável will stand out as a truly collaborative and impactful program that other communities around the world can emulate.”

For more information on Monsanto Fund’s Food & Nutrition Security initiatives and other commitments, please review Monsanto’s 2016 Sustainability Report.

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About INMED Partnerships for Children

INMED is an international humanitarian nonprofit organization that has transformed the lives of millions of children and their families in more than 100 countries over the past 30 years via multi-sector partnerships that catalyze comprehensive solutions to food insecurity, malnutrition, climate change, disease and poverty. INMED and INMED Brasil (a registered Brazilian NGO) have been working for the children and families of Brazil for 24 years. Visit INMED Partnerships for Children at and INMED Brasil at


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