DEKALB Brand to Launch 40 Fieldscripts Certified Products For 2014

Variable Rate Planting Introduction in Iowa, Illinois, Indiana and Minnesota Follows Successful Ground Breakers Testing Program This Season


Thursday November 7, 2013


"These products represent the future of farming by combining field science and seed science to maximize the yield potential from every DEKALB seed."

ST. LOUIS (November 7, 2013) – Bringing another industry first to farmers, DEKALB® brand will offer a lineup of 40 FieldScripts® certified products for 2014, combining the brand’s industry-leading seed genetics with Monsanto’s advanced variable rate planting technology to maximize yield opportunity.

Rick Myroup, DEKALB brand manager, said FieldScripts products will be offered exclusively by the DEKALB brand in Iowa, Illinois, Indiana and Minnesota, where this innovative precision farming system was tested this season by more than 150 Ground Breakers farmers. 

“FieldScripts is a science-based variable rate planting prescription that is designed to maximize the potential of the DEKALB breeding program,” said Myroup. “Each of these DEKALB FieldScripts certified products required extensive testing of their performance in multiple yield environments at different planting rates.”

The FieldScripts variable rate seeding prescription identifies the best seed match for each field and the best planting rate for that specific seed in each yield-management zone. Myroup noted that the prescription is specific to each field, based on more than 20 characteristics including soil, environmental and other agronomic factors. The technology is delivered by DEKALB FieldScripts Certified Dealers, provided through the FieldView® Plus app on the farmer’s iPad, and executed with precision equipment on the planter, he said.

Farmers who participated in this year’s Ground Breakers testing program praised the simplicity and precision of the system. “It’s the ultimate hybrid placement tool,” said Dustin Spears, of Polo, Ill. “It’s pretty exciting to put some science behind the way we plant corn on our farm.  FieldScripts enables us to plant higher populations in higher-producing spots of our field, and cut back in the lower- producing areas, instead of just guessing as we have in the past.”

The 40 DEKALB FieldScripts certified products for 2014 feature high-performing seed genetics from DEKALB with the latest Genuity® insect protection traits.

“The DEKALB brand is proud to provide farmers solutions to enhance yield by launching its new lineup of FieldScripts ready products for 2014,” said Myroup. “These products represent the future of farming by combining field science and seed science to maximize the yield potential from every DEKALB seed.”

For additional information, including a full product list and how to find a DEKALB FieldScripts Certified Dealer near you, visit  


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