“Where Heroes Are Made” Song Written to Salute Deltapine Farmers Now Available on iTunes


Wednesday May 29, 2013



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"There is a generational shift occurring in agriculture today and cotton farmers take great pride in their heritage and the constant innovation that has made them successful through the years"

A popular original song written for and first played at the 2012 Deltapine New Product Evaluator (NPE) Summit in Nashville is now available on iTunes.

“Where Heroes Are Made” was written as a special tribute to Deltapine® New Product Evaluators - cotton farmers who grow and evaluate pre-commercial variety lines in their fields. They are a key part of the system that keeps top-yielding Deltapine varieties coming to market. Because of its initial popularity with NPE farmers, the song has become a tribute to all of America’s cotton producers. The song is an anthem to a way of life, to those willing to put in the hard work and meet the many challenges of working the land.

“Music unites all of us, so with this in mind we set out to create an anthem for cotton that applauds the cotton farmer and the result was ‘Where Heroes Are Made’,” said Lauren Straatmann, Deltapine Marketing Manager at Monsanto. “Written and produced by Trey Bruce and Virtual Producers Collective, which features members of our agency marketing team, the song was brought to life by Nashville’s finest studio musicians, including vocalist Ron Wallace. The final product truly conveys the passion and pride the farmer has for the industry and serves as a thank you from the millions who benefit from their dedication and commitment.”

The song costs $0.99 to download and is available at https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/where-heroes-are-made-single/id641348965. Deltapine will donate all proceeds to a cause that supports the future of agriculture in rural America, to be announced at a later date. In order to capture the spirit of the lyrics, an official music video is being produced for “Where Heroes Are Made” that will feature the generational story of an NPE cotton farmer and his family, showcasing personal stories and their heritage in cotton. The final music video will be available later this summer.

A series of video segments will be released this summer – leading up to the final full music video – that provide a sneak peek into the making of the song, interviews with the NPE farmer family and behind-the-scenes footage from the making of the music video. The video segments will be available to those who follow Deltapine on Facebook®.

“There is a generational shift occurring in agriculture today and cotton farmers take great pride in their heritage and the constant innovation that has made them successful through the years,” Straatmann said. “With Deltapine, everything we do begins and ends with farmers. NPE farmers are the heart of our business and we take great pride in our commitment to their success and the future of the cotton business. It is those farmers and the rest of the industry to which we dedicate this song.”

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