New Seed Introductions Bring Ease, Unique Colors and Flavors to the Garden

Six All-America Selections Winners Among New Products from Seminis® Home Garden


Thursday February 12, 2015


"Seminis Home Garden is dedicated to bringing innovative and high-performing seeds to home gardeners and the fact that six of our new 2015 products received the prestigious AAS Winner designation reinforces that dedication."

ST. LOUIS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Home gardeners across the U.S. now have 10 new, easy to grow, colorful and flavorful seed varieties to consider as they plan out their gardens for 2015. Of these new Seminis® Home Garden seed varieties, four are All America Selections (AAS) national winners and two are regional AAS regional winners.

“Our 10 new products are great options for home gardeners who are in search of vegetables that are different from what they can buy in the produce aisle,” explained Robbie Johnson, Seminis Home Garden Sales Lead. “Seminis Home Garden is dedicated to bringing innovative and high-performing seeds to home gardeners and the fact that six of our new 2015 products received the prestigious AAS Winner designation reinforces that dedication.”

Unique Colors

Home gardeners can add some color to their garden and dinner plate with Custard brand of SV1003GF. Custard brand bean is a yellow wax bean with a medium plant type that produces straight, high quality pods. It has intermediate resistance to Bacterial brown spot.

In addition, Bossa Nova brand of PS13067051 is a delicious Caserta zucchini hybrid that is popular in Brazil due to its attractive fruit, adaptability and disease resistance package. As an added bonus feature, it has a compact plant too.

Hot Sunset brand of SV3301HW hybrid peppers are colorful and easy to grow, with moderate heat. They are naturally yellow at the time of harvest, but can develop a rich red color if they are allowed to fully mature. They are also easy to stuff and great for frying due to their thick skin.

Also full of color is Sweet Sunset brand of SV3782PP. These hybrid peppers are multiuse and easy to grow. They are great for frying, pickling, and cutting into pepper rings for salads, sandwiches and hot dogs, or pizza toppings.

Flaming Flare brand of SV5232HY pepper seed produces very attractive glossy red, triangular shaped fruit that are perfect for chili sauces. It is the first hybrid fresno pepper in the Seminis Home Garden portfolio.

Unique Flavors

Amanda is a bright green, curly and tender loose leaf lettuce hybrid, with delicious buttery flavor. Amanda has bolting tolerance, and produces a large head. It is very easy to grow, can be fit for containers, and adds beauty to your garden.

Artwork brand of Sibsey broccoli is a long stem broccoli with compact clusters of fine beads on its head. Growing Artwork brand hybrid broccoli requires the practice of pinching off the head of the broccoli once it reaches 2-4 cm. This practice triggers side shoot growth, resulting in a delicious broccoli bouquet that can be eaten in its entirety.

Tricked You brand of SV8066HJ hybrid peppers are easy to grow and offer jalapeño flavor with no heat. They are great for blending with hot jalapeños to customize the heat level of your salsa or hot sauce. This great new variety replaces Fooled You brand of Dulce hybrid pepper seed in this market category.


Emerald Fire brand of SV7017HJ hybrid pepper is a mega jalapeño that gives you more bang for your buck. It has excellent fruit quality and disease package.

Green Beret brand of SV2157VB hybrid spinach is dark green with oval/round leaves. It can be grown as baby spinach or as large leaves. Green Beret brand spinach produces a strong plant with a great Downy mildew resistance package.

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All-America Selections Winners

All-America Selections is an independent, non-profit organization that tests new varieties then designates only the best garden performers as AAS Winners. The AAS Winners designation provides an indication of a seed variety’s proven garden performance in All-America Selections trials. Only those vegetables with superior taste and garden performance are given the AAS Winners designation.

Artwork brand of Sibsey broccoli, Bossa Nova brand of PS13067051, Emerald Fire brand of SV7017HJ and Flaming Flare brand of SV5232HY are national AAS winners. Hot Sunset brand of SV3301HW is a regional AAS winner in the Southeast, Heartland and Great Lakes. Sweet Sunset brand of SV3782PP is a regional AAS winner in the Southwest, Heartland and West/Northwest.

“These six new products join the multitude of other AAS winners in the current Seminis Home Garden product portfolio,” said Johnson. “We are honored to have the most AAS award winners in the industry.”

All Seminis Home Garden varieties are carefully selected from thousands of commercial varieties that have shown adaptability for the home garden market. “These products meet many important agronomic and consumer attributes home gardeners are looking for such as being easy to grow,” explained Johnson. “The fact that many of these new products are able to withstand common diseases that creep into the garden throughout the season translates into better harvests and ultimately more delicious home grown vegetables to enjoy and share.”

These 10 new products, along with other Seminis Home Garden varieties, will be available to home gardeners through a network of dealers, catalogues and garden centers in 2015.

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​Bossa Nova is a delicious Caserta zucchini hybrid that has attractive fruit. (Photo: Business Wire)
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Artwork is a long stem hybrid broccoli that can be eaten in its entirety. (Photo: Business Wire)
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